Campanile San Trovaso

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The Campanile of San Trovaso in Venice is located in the district of Dorso Duro. It is located between the church and the field of the same name. The Campanile of San Trovaso is more than 50 meters high and has ancient origins, it has been reported fact of its existence as early as the year 1000 and was rebuilt several times as a result of collapse until the last bell tower that looks like it was built designed by Andrea Palladio in 1591. The campanile was restoration in the 80s of the last century. It is 53m high and contain manual bells

The map from 1635 shows an earlier tower without the octagonal drum on top.

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Detail of the Jacopo de’Barbari map, 1500


The church, The name is a Venetian blending of two saints: San Protasio and San Gervasio. The 9th Century was rebuilt by the Barbarigo and Caravella families in 1028 and again after the fire of 1105. The nave of this building collapsed on 11th September 1583, with work on the present church beginning in the following year, probably to a design by Francesco Smeraldi, a pupil of Palladio, although sometimes Palladio himself is credited with the design, which is unlikely as he had died 3 years before the collapse. Consecration followed in 1657. There was hefty restoration work in the 19th Century, especially to the altars. Further work, mostly on the roof, was carried out in 1987.


The mascherini, San Trovaso guardian – scacciadiavoli guarding the entrance to a bell tower. He’s found over the door to the campanile of the church of San Trovaso in Dorsoduro, and supposedly he keeps away any evil spirits who might try to enter the tower and cause it to collapse.



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