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We are two students – Maya, from Israel, Tel Aviv University student of architecture and Jen, from Germany, Ludwig-Maximilians University, student of English, art, music and theatre. We met here in Venice at the Venice International University in the Training in UNESCO World Heritage Studies class held by Giorgio Gianighian from the Università Iuav Venezia. You can read more about our project in the introduction!

We both fell in love with the city of Venice, especially after the 5 hour tour Professor Gianighian did with us. Because both of us admire the atmosphere of the mysterios Venice we strolled through the city together often, the plates and outside sculptures attracted our attention soon. We were together at campo Santa Margherita and discovered the monsters on the church, that was the birth of our project. We decided to find all the monsters around the campo and started our survey. But we did not find more monster just plates, which we also surveyed. So we concentrated on the plates but the monsters did not release us. In the first half of the project we did our survey on the plates (presented in house decoration) in the second half we started through with the monsters again and found out that the monsters are just on bell towers, that was also why we did not find more monsters in the first place.

We started our project with an investigation about the outside sculptures and decorations on the palazzi in the district Dorsoduro around Campo Santa Margherita. We chose this area because we have seen the monsters on the outside of Chiesa Santa Margherita and became interested in this kind of decoration. We mapped all the decorations in our chosen district which means that we walked the whole area and took pictures of all the plates and outside sculptures we could find and marked there position on a map. Later we transformed the collected data into a presentation. We consulted the books of John Ruskin and Alberto Rizzi to find out more about the history of the plates.

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